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Are you interested in a progressive political party that emphasizes your values:
  • Nonviolence,
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  • Social Responsibility
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The Green Party of Pima County (GPPC) is the official county chapter of the Arizona Green Party and the Green Party of the United States, Our primary mission is to get Green Party members elected to local, state, and national office. We also work to reform the electoral system, increase grassroots participation in government decision making, develop cooperative leadership models, and ensure that Green politicians remain accountable to those who place them in office. 

Party Objectives

Register more Greens in Pima County

To ensure permanent ballot status, more Pima County residents need to register as Green Party. Remember: More Green registrations means more choices on election day! Use Online registration, https://servicearizona.com/webapp/evoter/, to make our ballot status permanent!

GPPC adopted Vision Statement

We, the Green Party of Pima County, envision a county that is focused on a sustainable future, guided by the core values grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, and non-violence.

GPPC adopted Mission Statement

The Green Party of Pima County (GPPC) is a political party created to represent all voters residing in Pima County who have designated "Green Party" as their party preference. The GPPC shall foster, encourage, and promote the aims and objectives of the Greens by increasing membership and participation. The GPPC will also engage in direct action, promote Green candidates for political office, and support legislation which promotes Green values.

Bring Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) to Arizona

Tired of politicians winning office without an majority of votes? Tired of voting your fears rather than your hopes? Tired of good candidates being spoilers? Learn more about IRV.

Elect Greens to State and Local Offices

In a recent Tucson City Election, our candidate for City Council in Ward 3 received over 4,400 votes or 6% of the vote in a hotly contested election. And in recent elections 23,000 people voted Green for Pima Country Attorney and 5,000 voted Green for our State Legislature Candidate in 2008. In 2007, our candidates for Mayor and City Council of Tucson received 28% and 27% of the vote. All fine showings for a new up and coming political party. We need more candidates to build on this success.

The Green Party Ten Key Values

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